Hi there, I'm Andrew.
I have an unlimited cineworld membership.
I watch films.
I write about them.
How delightful.


The Dark Knight Rises AND The Lorax. Woah.

Got up this morning and saw both of these one after the other. Now I’ve to go to work for six hours and attempt to do my job. So many feelings, man. So many. Reviews to come later. 

No really, too many feelings.  

Holy Unlimited Films Batman!

A few days ago, I finally did what I’ve been threatening for months and signed up for an Unlimited Cineworld membership. I pay twenty euro a month and I can watch as many films as I like. There’s also a nice ten percent off any food or drink, which is fairly cool, although I do like to bring a sandwich to eat with me.  

Considering the price of cinema tickets these days, before now I wouldn’t go to see half the films I’d like to. I mean even if I only see two or three movies a month, it’s worth it. By the time I have the card a week, I’ll have been to see four films at least (That said, The Dark Knight Rises and The Lorax are both out this week so all things considered).

What I really like about this (aside from the obvious SEE ALL THE MOVIES thing) is that I can see films I wouldn’t usually think about watching. So I intend to watch lots of films and then write about them here. Feel free to read the things I say if you like. Cool. 


I can really see my social life being replaced with the cinema. I actually don’t think I care that much. 

Films > Friends. Seems about right.