Hi there, I'm Andrew.
I have an unlimited cineworld membership.
I watch films.
I write about them.
How delightful.


Holy Unlimited Films Batman!

A few days ago, I finally did what I’ve been threatening for months and signed up for an Unlimited Cineworld membership. I pay twenty euro a month and I can watch as many films as I like. There’s also a nice ten percent off any food or drink, which is fairly cool, although I do like to bring a sandwich to eat with me.  

Considering the price of cinema tickets these days, before now I wouldn’t go to see half the films I’d like to. I mean even if I only see two or three movies a month, it’s worth it. By the time I have the card a week, I’ll have been to see four films at least (That said, The Dark Knight Rises and The Lorax are both out this week so all things considered).

What I really like about this (aside from the obvious SEE ALL THE MOVIES thing) is that I can see films I wouldn’t usually think about watching. So I intend to watch lots of films and then write about them here. Feel free to read the things I say if you like. Cool. 


I can really see my social life being replaced with the cinema. I actually don’t think I care that much. 

Films > Friends. Seems about right.